Neat Tips

 Get rid of Junk Mail:

call 888-5-opt-out (888-567-8688) to stop receiving unwanted credit card solicitations.

Product warranty cards are often used to collect information on your buying habits for direct mail purposes. Read the fine print to see if warranty cards are required to validate the warranty. If not, think twice about mailing it. 


Pay your bills online - go green .

Get rid of old magazines. If you have not read them for more than 2 months, probably you will not!  Keep just 2 recent issues at home.

If interested in keeping special articles from magazines, keep just the pages you want and put in a file folder or binder. Name it accordingly.


Organize your emails by categories. Keep only the ones you really need. It takes time erasing lots of emails , but the result is worthwhile. After that, clean it up everyday.

4 actions to start conquering paperwork:

Refer it  /  Act on it  /  File it  / Toss it . I will be glad to help you understand each one of these actions.